Welcome to AU 223 DayZ Server

Your ultimate DayZ gaming experience in Australia!

About Our Server

AU 223 is a DayZ server hosted in Sydney, Australia. The aim of the server is to be near close as possible to vanilla, with some better quality of life changes, while also providing moderation and support to users who need it.

This server will not - hopefully, ever use mods.


- Sprint is unlimited.

- Stamina is (near) unlimited.

- Loot is 2X increased across the map - aside from explosives.

- Vanilla base building is more lenient with objects clipping into other objects.

For immersion reasons, minor loot spawns have been changed -

- Small gatehouses spawn police gear (immersion purposes) spawn police gear (immersion purposes)

- Radio towers spawn police and medical gear (immersion purposes)

- UAZ wrecks spawn military loot (immersion purposes)

Require contacting staff members? Please check out our Discord.

Server Info

  • Server Name: AU 223
  • Location: Australia, Sydney
  • Game Version: 1.23 (Stable)
  • Map: Chernarus+
  • Day cycle: 4x (daylight is 3 hours long)
  • Night cycle: 6x (night time is 30 minutes long)
  • Server restart: Every 6 hours

IP Address